Butterfly Host Plants. As seen on ABC Gardening Australia  

Bringing bio-diversity into your life. Attracting butterflies to your garden.

After six years, we are no longer trading as a plant nursery.

The information on this web page is currently just for reference.

If there are any Butterfly Host Plants you would like to purchase try your local small council run native nurseries or your local branch of S.G.A.P Society for Growing Australian Plants.

We are passionate about horticulture, and specialised in native Australian plants to attract butterflies to your garden, be it your back garden, inspirational gardens, school gardens or sensory gardens, anywhere that butterflies can enhance lives and have a chance at touching the hearts of people, young and old.

We once stocked over 60 different climbers, shrubs, bushes, ground covers and trees.

These Butterfly Host Plants are often difficult and time consuming to propagate and tend to be overlooked by the bigger nurseries. Some of the plants are on endangered plant lists.

Our aim was to be part of the education of the metamorphosis of butterflies and to proliferate Butterfly Host Plants around the South East Queensland area and beyond.

Please click on the images to expand the plant information.

This website is currently being sponsored but the wonderful followers of our fb page 'butterfly host plants'. Thank you everyone who pledged some $ to keep us going while we are on the road.


  • Closed for business

    13 March at 10:08 from atlas

    If you wish to contact us please do so via our facebook page. ...


    3 January at 10:07 from atlas

    As of January 2017 we will no longer be selling Butterfly Host Plants.

  • Free talk 16th October 2016

    28 September at 16:51 from atlas

    Free talk 16th October 2016  ...

  • Free talk, October 8th 2016

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    A free talk ...

  • Free talk Marsden Library, Logan

    30 August at 15:38 from atlas

    If you live in the Logan area, here is a rare opportunity to attend a free talk.'How to attract butterflies into your garden and how to ...


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